Altoona Alliance Church - we are still "Calling You to Family", but it will look different for a while.

During this time of physical "social distancing" we need to still stay close as a family by adopting new ways to interact. We will not be meeting at the church, but we will be using multiple methods to make sure all our members can get together for worship, fellowship, discipleship, giving and service.  God is not limited by distance. If we use our creativity, we may discover some things that we will want to continue even when COVID-19 is just a memory.   We will approach this time as an opportunity to grow and experience God and fellowship with others in new ways.  Stay with us as we announce and adapt our plans.  We will continue to experience family life in different ways (without the physical hugs). 


Our plans have many parts.  Everyone may not be able to use every piece, but there should be something to keep everyone connected.


Worship services

We will worship simultaneously from our homes (or join with one or two others).  Whether you click on a Zoom link in an e-mail, or call to the Zoom phone number, you will be able to connect with the church family for times of worship, encouragement, and instruction. Zoom is easy to use from a computer, smart phone, tablet or regular phone. If you don't have a computer or smart phone, you can call in.  We don't want to leave anyone out.  We may be able to partner you with someone who can share their technology with you. 


Smaller groups

We will  interact with smaller groups using Zoom.  You can meet with your Sunday school class, small group or just a bunch of friends. We will use it for prayer meetings, or other times of prayer.  We will also try "Hangout Times".  These would be an informal hour with a leader and friends to chat, share burdens, pray, ask questions, and laugh together.   


Family helps family. 

We will be caring for the needs among our congregation, especially those who are forced by illness or risk to avoid going out. Many will be suffering due to the many effects of the epidemic.  Currently any needs can be called to the church office.  We will be reaching out more in the days to come. We will need many volunteers to shop, deliver, help, visit, call, encourage, and pray. 


Loving our community 

We also will show the love of Christ by caring for our community.  Pastor Nathan will coordinate care for those in our focus neighborhoods around the church. 


Connecting with the Altoona Alliance Church Family

Will will try to have all services and meetings available by Zoom or phone.  Recordings will also be available on our website.  We are starting with our 8 am, 10:45, and 6:30 Sunday services and 7 pm Wednesday night prayer.  We will soon add Youth Group, Sunday School classes, and small groups.  We will send out links by e-mail and on our web page.  Please contact the church office if you want to be added to the e-mail list or if you want to be on the "Call List" to be kept up with the news by phone.. 


Giving to the Church

Unfortunately, few of the bills go away just because we are not meeting.  The church family can continue to support the ministry of the church here and around the world by


1) online giving via Tithely: Click the link


2) mailing a check to Altoona Alliance Church, 3220 Pleasant Valley Blvd 1, Altoona, PA 16602,


3) call the church to arrange for other ways. 


Historically, the church has been able to flourish without meeting in church buildings.  God is not constrained - he can use all available means to reveal Himself, change lives, and bring people together.  We will embrace this challenge as a family and use it as an opportunity to let God work in new ways among us. 

Joining the Church Service

From a computer:

  • Click on the link given

  • If you’ve never been a part of a Zoom Meeting, your computer will ask you to connect

  • Your computer will ask you if you want to make changes to your computer- say yes

  • You do NOT need to run iTunes

  • Your computer will ask you to install zoom- say yes

  • Click run

  • It will install

  • When done, it will direct you to the meeting

  • It may ask you to type your name

  • Make sure your mic is on mute- crossed out

  • Choose if you want your video on (we see you) or if you don’t (we don’t see you)

  • You can say Amen or add comments if you press on the speaking bubble chat

  • You can give a clap or thumbs up if you agree with anything said 

From an iPhone or iPad:

  • Download the Zoom app- it’s free

  •  Type in meeting ID

  • Choose to join with video or not

  • Click join

  • Respond to the message with chat or reaction


From an android phone:

  • Download the app Zoom Cloud Meetings- it’s free and also works on Windows 10

  • Type in meeting ID

  • Click join

  • Same as iPhone above


Facebook Live

  • Get on Facebook

  • Go to the Altoona Alliance group page and like

  • You’ll get a notification when there’s a streaming video

  • Click on the notification


Altoona Alliance Church

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Altoona, PA 16602



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