Here is a summary for connecting to the services and meetings of the Altoona Alliance Church. 
An updated list is always available at  


By ZOOM - the recommended connection method (If you can Facebook, you can Zoom)
Click on the right link below (or paste in your browser).  If asked to allow the use of your Microphone and Camera, say "yes" (you can mute/turn off later).


8:00am Service -

Meeting ID: 964567322

9:30am Missions SS and 10:45am Service -

Meeting ID; 170315141

This will be the same link for Mission SS. at 9:30am

10:45am Service -

Meeting ID: 170315141


New Wave Youth Group 4:00pm

Meeting ID: 662 270 346

Sunday night at 6:30  -

Meeting ID: 969 492 327


Wednesday night Upper Room at 7pm -

Meeting ID: 339 050 595

Men's Zoom Bible Study 2nd Wednesday of the Month at 7pm

Meeting ID: 612 636 019


Some meeting etiquette:


Meetings are usually open 30 minutes before the start and 60 minutes afterwards.  Feel free to chat out loud or in the written chat feature. 

Mute your microphone once the meeting starts or anytime that you have background noise.  If the host hears too much noise we may mute you.
Shut off your camera if you desire not to be seen, We want to see everyone's faces, but if you have a distractingly cute puppy, best to turn off your video.

If you don't have a good connection, turn off your video feed.  


By PHONE - This is only if you cannot connect with computer, laptop, smart phone, or Kindle
WARNING - This is a long-distance call.  If you know of anyone where this is a barrier - please call the office.


Call 1 929 205 6099 and put in the right meeting ID


8:00am Service - Meeting ID: 946 6049 4431

10:45am Service - Meeting ID: 995 9091 2478

Sunday night    Meeting ID: 969 492 327

Wednesday night Upper Room Meeting ID: 339 050 595


By Facebook Live

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